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All private information provided is kept confidential and not shared with any other parties. Gold Coins And Silver Coins (GSASC) only posts material that is relevant to the sites main purpose of allowing coin related businesses such as coin shops, coin collectors etc..., to request that their business be posted on our site.

GCASC is not responsible for information that is incorrect and it is agreed that in the case of any listings being in error that GCASC will remedy that error with in a reasonable amount of time from the requested correction.

GCASC does not discriminate against any businesses rights to have an equal opportunity to request their business be added to our free directory.

GCASC reserves the right to refuse a business from being listed on our directory that does not meet our posting rules and reserves the right to cancel our free posting feature, remove posts at anytime and for any reason with out notice.

It is agreed that by agreeing to our Terms & Conditions your institution or business waives any legal rights you might have against GCASC for posts that are or were incorrect, that are or were damaging in any way monetarily or is or was defaming in any way to an individuals personal being or business and any individual or  businesses reputation at any time until the end of time.

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